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Artist Stephanie Schlatter Presents an Exhibit in Painted Over Photographs

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(GRAND RAPIDS, MICH) – December 2009 –Artist Stephanie Schlatter exhibited a new collection of artwork at Eden Environments: painted over photographs. The technique incorporated Stephanie’s talents in photography and painting with acrylics.

“Our memories represent moments in time,” said Stephanie. “Like telling stories, memories usually omit minor details while exaggerating important parts, transforming the reality of the moment.

“My painted-over photographs explore the layers of a memory,” she said. “The base layer is the photograph, or, the documented version of the triggering moment. It reveals all that the eye could perceive in that particular instant in time, but no more. And then, there's the layer I have painted over that attempts to recreate the other, abstract fragments of the memory -- the sounds, feelings and significance -- the substance of the moment.”

Stephanie chose to focus on Italian memories, because the show was all about pleasure, and Italy represented what makes her smile. Like sharing time and spaces with loved ones, gathered around a table filled with great food and music, and wine, Italy’s art and history, Limoncello, Gelato, Michelangelo, as examples.

“Memories of Italy summon beautiful fantasies in my mind,” said Stephanie, “and it's been a pleasure to recreate them here.”

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