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Artist Stephanie Schlatter Enters Abstract Piece for ArtPrize 2009

Press Release

(GRAND RAPIDS, MICH) – Sept 2009 – Artist Stephanie Schlatter was among the painters, photographers, sculptors, and other artists who participated in the inaugural ArtPrize art competition in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 2009. Her abstract painting, “Passage,” appeared in the Ottawa Tavern, where thousands of people from around the world viewed her work during the two and a half week event.

Stephanie is an artist of many talents, including painting, photography, and poetry. Asked to describe abstract art, she answered:

Color, moving, dancing, finding a place to
rest inside the canvas of my imagination.
Twisting, turning, juxtaposing...

Line and shape, finding each other,
defined only by color and value.
No rendering nor reference.
My mind is free...

I find what I have not seen before pausing
at an interesting place;

Art is born... where before there
was nothing...

Abstraction... pure art... a beautiful ballet.

ArtPrize was launched in April 2009 as an art competition open to artists from around the world. Rather than being a juried competition by art experts, it offered the world’s largest art prize based solely on public vote, open to any artist who could find a Grand Rapids venue to support him or her. The top 10 entries won prizes, from $7,000 to $250,000. The event occurred at the end of September and the beginning of October. More than 200,000 visited the event and more than 330,000 votes were cast.

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