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Expressions of Creativity: Art Instruction with Stephanie Schlatter

Why take an art class?
It's about gathering with others to celebrate the pure joy of art. Returning to your inner child, the one who never doubted the ability to make and create and had a blast doing it. Everyday life seems bent on inhibiting our innate creativity; we need to retrain our brains to be open to inspiration and free of inhibitions.

The goal is for you to leave feeling empowered to jump into any painting or other creative endeavor. In this time we will all tap into our individual creative voice, boosting your confidence in your ability to create.

Join me in this discovery. Whether we choose to explore the place where wine meets art in an "On the Michigan Wine Trail" class, play with pushing paint and color in a class focused on abstraction or discover the wonder of landscape painting, the joy is in the uncovering. Let's explore together.

All classes are held in my studio in Ada, Mich., along the Thornapple River, and include all necessary supplies, light appetizers and wine.

Select Class Size

1 person $100/ 2 hours, including all supplies
2-3 people $65 per person/ 2 hours, including all supplies
4-8 people $50 per person/ 2 hours, including all supplies  

Select a Theme

"On the Michigan Wine Trail" Class
Bring the abstract element of visualization to wine by sipping and painting simultaneously. While the concepts of color and clarity apply here, they're not at the forefront of the activity. This is about closing your eyes and thinking about what the smells, texture and taste make you see ... the colors and shapes that emerge when you think about the abstract element of the wine you taste.

Abstract Painting Class
This workshop is all about pushing paint and color. Abstraction can be the most fun and freeing form of painting once you have a few ideas place to enter the art work and a few ideas about composition. We will cover basic composition and color in this class as well as ideas on loosening up.

Landscape Painting Class
Above all, I am a landscape painter. Enchanted by the visual world before me, I am compelled to express my feeling about the landscapes I experience on canvas with paint. We will go over several starting point so when you leave you can feel confident knowing how to approach a given landscape. We will briefly explore perspective and composition and mood of a given art work so you can start to identify your own voice in painting, or grow the one you already have.

Design Your Own Class
Classes are also available on any area you would like to work on — just email me and we can discuss!

To schedule a class contact Stephanie here.

We all are intuitively creative. Never has this been more apparent to me than when I was introducing small children to art for the first time in Ethiopia. Once given their assignments, the tops of heads were all that was visible as they bent over their pieces in rapt concentration. They were utterly immersed in their work, overcome with the joy of creating and moving color and paint around. Once finished, they would beam up at me, showing me their completed artwork with great pride. No one had yet introduced them to the idea that work might be judged as "good" or "bad," so they never feared critique, never spiraled into self-doubt. This is the place I want to bring you to in my workshops.

Don't take my word that the classes are worthwhile — hear it from some of my past students!

"I attended Stephanie's landscape class on Thursday, June 27, with my mother. I thought the class was absolutely fantastic! The studio and setting were inspirational to even the most non-creative sort (me!). Stephanie's methods are easy to use with room for total personal creativity. The treats we were served certainly added to the fun, laidback atmosphere. I fully plan to attend another one of these classes and let my creative juices flow. Thank you!"
       - Carrie Greenwood

"Thank you, Stephanie, for an eye-opening experience in creativity at the landscape class last night. Jenna and I had so much fun. Even though I've been involved in learning, making and teaching art for most of my life, your fun, uninhibited techniques spark my adventurous side. We will definitely make plans to take another workshop in the future."
       - Sue and Jenna Eshelman

"Dear Stephanie: Thank you so much for sharing your love of color and knowledge of painting. It has been about 40 years since I have painted and I never had a class, but I was able to come into your studio and produce expressive works of art worthy of hanging on my walls. You taught me that painting with my fingers is not only OK, but is encouraged. I leave your studio feeling so inspired to continue regularly to paint on my own. I have sent the photo showcasing my finger painting along with those of my grandchild's on my stairwell wall. Last evening, when we painted landscapes, it was unbelievable how everyone of us produced such beautiful representational pieces. Thank you so much for sharing with me."
       - CC Berg

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