Florence Sunset

Florence — such a beautiful city!

It’s a slice of magic. It just is.

Florence Studio

A day in the Life of The Florence Studio!

Studying art all day with the modern day master Laura Thompson of The Florence Studio, and after class, wandering the city streets.

Michelangelo's David

Michelangelo’s David

Finding myself in the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia, enjoying art and trying really hard not to be “over-impressed.” The kind of impressed that makes you want to hang up your brush and quit because why bother if your never going to be as great as _______. They were only human after all, weren’t they?

The streets can have the feeling of walking with ghosts. The ghosts of those great souls that elevated the arts and, in doing so, the standing and prestige of the city.

One has to remember that the arts, at this time in history, were held in very high regard. The streets were made to be beautiful and impress those who came.

Leonardo DaVinci

Leonardo DaVinci’s Adoration of the Magi. Technically unfinished, but completely stunning.

In class, as I learn the methods of the masters, I’m struck by the dedication and commitment to learn to make art in this classical method. It isn’t learned overnight. Attention to detail is everything. If you want to paint a portrait that looks like the model, you have to measure every proportion and its best to be accurate.

I’m curious when I get home what will stick with me and what will be most useful. For now, I’m grateful just to be here and have this opportunity.

Thank you for coming along with me. What was your favorite life adventure and why? I always love hearing from you! Let’s chat over on Facebook and Instagram.

Classical Greek and Roman

Classical Greek and Roman works in The Uffizi