On Location

Painting on location. This rock proved handy. I usually stand when I paint, but this was a relaxing experience.

The mountains were enshrouded in clouds, the snow-capped peaks playing peekaboo as the clouds danced around them, the sun occasionally showing up to illuminate. It was a magical moment in Chamonix, France, and though I was on vacation with my sweetie, I wanted to paint this magic.
Packing for a painting trip is one thing: You dedicate a lot of space and weight to your supplies, then throw in a piece of paint clothing or two. But for vacation, and for times you have to hike in quite a ways, you need to be light.
Below are a few pics of my lightest travel paint set up. Clockwise from top left:
– Only essential paint brushes with short handles. I keep it to about five brushes.
– Raymar wet paint canvas carrying case. Hold 6 canvases. I pack only 6×8 or 5×7.
– Lightweight tripod to hold pochade box. This one is the Sirui T-005KX 52″ Aluminum Alloy Tripod.
– Small 5×7 pochade box. Limited palette water soluble oil paints inside.
– Metal brush cleaner to hold water for my water mixable oil paint.
– Thermal water bottle for me and to clean brushes.


Pochade Box Open

Pochade box open. This box is made by Guerrilla Painter.

This basic set up served me very well and I still only brought carry on luggage. I was able to hike with this on my back up steep inclines and remain very mobile. It’s truly all you need to bring a lightweight basic kit with you while traveling.

Happy painting!