Wolf Kahn

While the making of art can be a pretty solitary journey, the greatest interactions often come from other artists — both contemporary and those from the past.

I have so much gratitude to my teachers: those whose classes and workshops I’ve attended, and those whose art I’ve studied in museums and books.

The exploration of art is endless. Just when you’ve thoroughly studied and mastered one aspect, there is another way to look at it, or a new element worthy of your contemplation. It never ends. (I’ve decided to try to make that the most exciting part, wish me luck! ????)

Last week, I talked about going into my own voice to find answers, but that’s not completely true. I also depend on everything I have learned thus far, and hear the voices of all my teachers.

But I also continue to seek answers inside the books of other artists. When I run into a problem inside a painting, I look to see how other artists answered the question I’m now seeking.

Lately, on the guidance of a very dear teacher, I’m focusing on composition. I’ve found pure joy in the works of Stephen Duren, Wolf Kahn, Bonnard and Edgar Degas. I’ve also been losing hours inside the pages of Edgar Payne’s “Composition of Outdoor Painting.”

Each of the books shown in the photos has been extremely exciting to me as I think about just this one thing: composition. I think they could be helpful to others as well.

Where have you been finding inspiration? I always love hearing from you on Facebook and Instagram. See you there!