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To adventurers everywhere with an affinity for art, a boldness of spirit and a passion for the journey, you have come to the right place.

“I am a storyteller, telling the stories of the land, the people and the places that resonate in my soul — and, perhaps, in yours, as well. The brush is my pen; the canvas is my page; the finished images are moments and memories frozen in time for you.

I invite you to come along with me as we enjoy each vibrant, beautiful destination, cherishing the journey that takes us there and using paint to preserve the joy it inspires!”


It is one of my many great joys in life to be able to paint. To create, make something with your hands and say there that came from a place outside myself but I listened and this is what has been made through me.

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I want my art to stir your emotions; capturing you, summoning a smile or a sense of wonder.




If you believe in the incredibly expansive power of art to broaden our hearts, minds and souls, you are invited to join me on this adventure.

The Endless African Sky

Just so easy to find inspiration everywhere! I miss the smell of eucalyptus and the high mountain air. The rolling hills that seem [...]