I am a storyteller, telling the stories of the land, the people and the places that resonate in my soul — and, perhaps, in yours, as well. The brush is my pen; the canvas is my page; the finished images are moments and memories frozen in time for you. I invite you to come along with me as we enjoy the vibrant, beautiful destination we call home – Michigan. Let us cherish the journey that takes us there and use paint to preserve the joy it inspires!

Stephanie Schlatter has traveled the world, drawing inspiration from journeys in Mexico, Italy, and Ethiopia. But her heart and home are grounded in Michigan. She has studied art locally and abroad while maintaining a studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A passion for northern Michigan led Stephanie to create the Michigan Wine Trail series. Her paintings have been featured on the cover of several Michigan travel publications and nine different wine labels. Stephanie continues to paint the landscapes that inspire her along the shores of Lake Michigan, Sleeping Bear Dunes, and the land of Leelanau County.

A ten-year commitment to the non-profit organization, Ethiopia Reads, is one of Stephanie’s proud accomplishments. She developed art programs in early education schools in Ethiopia and has donated hundreds of paintings to fund education for this African country.


A collection of recent industry press, special projects, and commissions.

Pike Magazine cover art by Stephanie Schlatter

The Pike Magazine Cover

2017 Leland Wine Festival Poster - Artwork by Stephanie Schlatter

Leland Wine & Food Festival Poster

Michigan Blue Magazine

Michigan Wine Country

Traverse Magazine

Silver Leaf Vineyard ‘Fling’ Wine Label

M22 Pinot Noir Wine Label

Bin 616 Wine Label Series

Chateau de Leelanau Muse Wine Label

Black Star Farms Artisan Red Wine Label