• Plein Air

    Everything You Need to Bring to Paint Outdoors

    Everything I bring with me when painting plein air. For years, I claimed I was a studio painter and I didn’t like to [...]

  • Practicing with Intention

    Creating a value study from a photo. I prefer doing these from life, but in a pinch I’ll work from a photo. Have [...]

  • Inside the Studio

    All of the paintings in this blog are from a series of 5x5 and 6x6 oil paintings all exploring the same idea. Using a [...]

  • Extra Special Fall

    It seems like an extra special fall. The colors seem more intense than ever before. It’s been soul food for me. Nature has always been [...]

  • Fall at Kehl Lake Leelanau

    Hello, October!

    Fall at Kehl Lake Leelanau If you made me pick a favorite month, it might be October. I don’t know if October skies [...]



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