2022 Calendar Poster Series by Stephanie Schlatter

It feels good to turn the page on 2021 and say welcome to 2022. First, I want to say thank you to anyone who purchased my latest Calendar Poster Series. We introduced this concept last year, so some of you may be familiar with our approach to making a calendar something you can use even after the month has passed. With a new year comes new art, of course. And some simple suggestions for how to make the most of your Stephanie Schlatter Art calendar poster series by creating a gallery wall.

2022 Calendar Poster Series by Stephanie Schlatter

Framable Art

The Stephanie Schlatter Art calendar poster series features a set of 6, double-sided 12×18″ posters drilled at the top and ready for hanging. These calendars are designed so that the artwork can be enjoyed long after the year is over. Simply trim off the top 4″ with the calendar and you’re left with a 12×12″ reversible poster. This design reduces paper and you can enjoy new art with just a flip.

2022 Featured Paintings:

Calendars are available while supplies last, so click the button below if you’re interested.

Tips for Creating a Poster Gallery Wall

Calendar Poster Series by Stephanie Schlatter

Where to Find Frames for A Gallery Wall

The 12×12″ size will fit perfectly into a standard square frame. Thanks to the craft and scrapbook industry you can easily pick up 12×12″ frames from arts & craft stores like Micheals or buy online from sites like Amazon. No need to mat the posters because they already feature a simple, white border! If you prefer a mat you’ll want to choose a larger frame and these create a bigger focal wall.

Where to Hang a Gallery Wall

I am a firm believer in the value and experience of living with original art. But there is also value in surrounding yourself with what you love. And working within a budget. Posters are a great way to add color and art to large rooms or make a big impact all at once. Here are just a few ideas for hanging your calendar or reversible posters.

  • Keep track of dates with a calendar in the office or co-working space
  • Decorate your cabin, cottage or vacation rental up north
  • Frame and hang single file along a narrow hallway
  • Turn an empty corner into a reading nook with art surrounding a comfy chair.
  • Pair with other posters, prints, or original paintings to make a space where you are inspired to create.

Purchasing Reversible Posters

If the gallery wall looks like fun, and you can’t wait for months to pass before you start your own, you are in luck. We have a limited supply of the 2021 images available as 12×12″ reversible posters ready to be framed featuring more of my locally-inspired paintings. If you see one you love, don’t wait to purchase. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

I hope you love the images in this year’s calendar collection. If you have found some creative ways to display the calendar, or the posters, share them in the comments. Or tag me on Instagram at @stephanieschlatter.