M22 1

M22 series that is featured at the M22 store in Glen Arbor. (12×12 oil painting)

What’s better than Sleeping Bear Dunes, M22, biking, kayaking and adventure? “Nothing” is the correct answer!

Lake St. Glen Arbor

Lake St. Glen Arbor, just down the street from the Crystal River Outfitters.

That’s why I’m proud to announce I’ll be spending my coming week in an artist in residence with Crystal River Outfitters. This amazing Glen Arbor staple can have you outfitted at Coastal or the M22 store in Glen Arbor, send you off via bike on the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail, or hook you up kayaking down the Crystal River.

Crystal River

As promised, the Crystal River is where I bring all my favorite people and fur babies.

The latter is one of my favorite things to do with visitors when they are in town. I call the Crystal River “Disney for adults.” (But of course, kiddos are welcome, too!)

Crystal River Outfitters has a partnership with the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, as the Crystal River is protected by the park and the Heritage Trail is a park project.

Their M22 store also features clothing that spotlights some of the best hikes the park has to offer, such as Pyramid Point and Empire Bluff.

M22 2

A wee little 5×7 oil and collage of M22.

The M22 store in Glen Arbor has carried my M22 series since 2013. In recent years, they have expanded their inventory to include the SSA poster collection, featuring M22, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Empire Bluff and Pyramid Point, making this residency a natural fit.

This week, I’ll be running around the area, plein air painting all the beautiful areas that the Crystal River Outfitters is connected to — some of the most beautiful treasures in the area. Some are new to me; some I know very well.

I’m inviting you to come along this week as we explore this area and this sustainable business together. And I am so excited about it.

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Art's Tavern

Art’s Tavern in Glen Arbor, another pillar of business in the community.