Fall at Kehl Lake Leelanau

Fall at Kehl Lake Leelanau

If you made me pick a favorite month, it might be October. I don’t know if October skies is really a thing, but it does seem to bring the most incredible sunsets. The insects take leave of the woods and even the black flies disappear.

And the light — oh my goodness, the light is so spectacular all day long! It’s like the world is basked in golden light. The trees get all the credit, and they should. Even now, on Oct. 1, the trees are shifting a bit every day. The whole transition is as interesting to me as peak color. But then again, there is nothing truly like peak color. It’s like the grand finale. Mother Nature takes a bow, and what a performance it is!

October weather can certainly vary, and it’s not always reliable for painting outdoors, but when it is, it’s the best painting weather of the year. It’s the best time in the woods and at local farms and vineyards. It’s harvest time: The vines turn color with the grapes just waiting to be picked and turned into wine. Sigh.

Yes, I have plans for October: to be outside as much as humanly possible, and to make art.

What are your plans for enjoying October?