It’s been a very rainy October here in Leelanau, but it hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the fall goodness. It’s all about the right clothes … and waterproof everything has been the answer.

Though I haven’t been painting yet, I arrived from Grand Rapids Friday night just in time for my hubby and I to enjoy dinner at Art’s Tavern. Saturday morning we bundled up and brought our dog, Muchacho Libre, to the beach for his daily ball time. I found several bulging pockets full of Petoskey stones. I never thought I’d be a rock collector, but here I am — and I love it.


We stopped by a few rivers and noticed the salmon were running and thought a kayaking trip down the Crystal River would be a good idea. And it was! Wowza, I’ve never kayaked with the salmon before. There were so many. At times they rattled our boats. (Click here to see a video of the spectacle.)

With the backdrop of fall colors beginning to shine, it was spectacular. A big bowl of chili and a bonfire and a October sunset ended out a perfect day in Northern Michigan.

Now let’s see how painting goes this week with a forecast that looks less than stellar. Wish me luck, and tell me how you’ve been spending your October!