Fall leaves

It seems like an extra special fall. The colors seem more intense than ever before. It’s been soul food for me.

Nature has always been my greatest teacher and comforter. Life’s hard, no question about it. But it’s also so beautiful at times that I can hardly stand it.

I can only speak from my own experiences, but I’ve found current events very difficult. The hearing of our newest Supreme Court Justice opened up old wounds for many, including myself, about our own traumas. And when trauma is opened up, it’s like re-experiencing it. I’ve been distracted and sad for my nation.

My art has never come from a place of sadness or angst. I experience those feelings, of course, but for whatever reason, my art has always come from love. My love of nature, my love affair with Leelanau. The beauty that I behold that makes me feel like I could just drop to my knees and weep.

This extra beautiful fall has also been colder than usual, and rainy. Not great conditions for outdoor painting. I’ve gotten in some, but not as much as I’d like. Still, I’ve been out exploring often with Muchacho and Marc, my favorite M&Ms.

And though I prefer to work from life, I think these photos and experiences will make for some great paintings.

I hope the inspiration of beauty will make it easier to focus and make art. The beauty and stillness has definitely been salve for my saddened soul.

I hope you’ve gotten out to explore this beauty. To me, it’s magical!

Fall painting 1