When the landscape is your subject and paint your medium, you could ask for little else in life than to be dropped on the Leelanau Peninsula. Right in the middle of the peninsula, right off M-204, you will find an excellent example of the landscape that has so enchanted at Blustone Vineyards and tasting room.

The hills roll on and the tasting room feels like a frame for the beauty that is the land here. Tom and Joan Knighton are the proprietors, who bought this little slice of heaven in 2010. As the sign inside the tasting room says, “Discovering a piece of Leland bluestone on the shore of Lake Michigan is finding a rare treasure of nature. Blustone wine is inspired by these unanticipated moments of life.”

Need I say more? Only that this is a landscape worth discovering, and the wine is the story of the land, the season and the people captured in a bottle!