8×8 oil painting

You can feel your blood pressure drop when you arrive on M22, that road of dreams. The world just feels like a better place when you’re here.

The pine trees seem just a bit taller and more whimsical. Lake Michigan is near; if you can’t see her, you can feel her, and when you get to drive along beside her, it’s a slice of pure magic.

Now I call the area home, at least part of the time. My cottage is right on M22, and I’ve gotten to know it better. I’ve noticed how each month, there are subtle changes.

Perhaps my most favorite is the summer wildflowers that seem to blanket the sides of the roads on the west part of the peninsula.

But wait: then there is fall. Oh, the road is so beautiful in fall, awash in the color palette of autumn — that must be my favorite.

Then the blanket of snow that winter brings, giving the area a glittering stillness. It’s a calm and beauty than can only be described as majestic.

And the spring trees in bloom, looking full of hope — well, that is also a delight.

All this is to say that M22 is a great source of inspiration for my work. I could paint it endlessly.

Last week, I spent quite a bit of time visiting that road that brings joy to so many in my work. And to say I was filled with inspiration is an understatement. I hope you enjoy the paintings produced, and share your own stories and memories of M22 in the comments or on social media via Facebook or Instagram.

What’s your favorite part of the magical road of dreams?