I know as the year goes on I’ll be painting more in this series, but for now, it’s a wrap!

When you have a concept of a series, it’s like something bubbling up inside you. You’re¬†bursting at the seems to get all these images held inside of you out. Especially if you are a landscape painter who has just been to one of the most beautiful places on earth. Especially when you have been traveling with other artists who inspire you and with whom you’ve had the time of your life.

But alas, I came home with a crushing jet lag (eight-hour time difference, 30 hours in transit), the usual culture shock, a cold and a pile of “catch up.” I was delayed in my start. But maybe that was a good thing because once I started this series, I could not stop. It was like running down a hill. It was all I could think of or see.

Just this week, as the last of my “must paint images” were being created, the Project 24 paintings hanging in my studio started to grab my attention. I’d think about how I wanted to change one, or remember a view from my other favorite most beautiful place on earth, (Leelanau county) and think, “Oh, yes, I can see how I want to approach that idea!” And so it goes, another bubbling up!

Thank you all for coming along on these journeys. Wherever it may be, I couldn’t do any of it without you. Deep gratitude!